Mission, Vision, Values


Over the next three years through hard work, play, delicious meals, gardening, patience, determination and perseverance, we will build our community, we will build our home.


We will be more than just good neighbors living near one another and sharing amenities. We are working, playing, learning and growing together to build a tight-knit, welcoming and loving community we can call home. We will have both privacy and community. We will live sustainably and be good stewards of our own health, our community, our land and our world. Sweetfern is about family, it’s about friendship, it’s about home.



We recognize that Trust is built on shared experiences with one another and that we need to consciously be reliable and responsible for our actions, decisions and words. We recognize that reciprocation and vigilance regarding our individual and community integrity, will enable us to work through hard times, mistakes and misunderstandings.


We believe in solidarity, that an engaged group working, learning and living together generates more creative ideas, develops more successful solutions, and makes better decisions. We are actively sharing the work and the decision-making involved in building the community we want to live in, while caring for one another.


We value our financial and personal autonomy as well as the privacy of living in independent households.


We value active participation in community life, and the diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences that each of us contributes. We are supportive of one another and aim to share our talents and resources to enrich our lives.


We believe that caring and cooperation are the keys to our success, happiness and comfort.


We believe that being good stewards means living sustainably, making a conscious effort to restore, strengthen and care for our personal, community and ecosystem’s health. We aim to create a healthy community where we share more, consume less, conserve more and care for each other, our community and our world.

The image “father-and-child-having-fun-2833394” by Quaries Official is licensed under CC BY 2.0.