Member Bios

Rebekah & Thomas

We are the young parents of two wonderful kids. Rebekah currently works at an office in Sudbury and Thomas is in his third semester of Early Childhood Education at Cambrian College. We both had the good fortune of growing up in community- minded households and have recently joined Sweetfern hoping to create the same opportunity for our kids. When not working and living and studying here in Sudbury, we like to spend our time at camp, preferably in a shady spot by the water.


Je suis professeure à l’École de service social de l’Université Laurentienne, où j’ai aussi enseigné dans le programme de santé publique, après avoir été thérapeute pour enfants, chercheure autonome et consultante en immigration pendant de longues années, en pratique privée.

J’ai une formation multidisciplinaire : psychologie, travail social, droits humains internationaux et des Autochtones, droit de la consommation, droit de l’Immigration, anthropologie, médecines alternatives et reiki. Très curieuse, j’ai étudié plusieurs langues et j’ai beaucoup voyagé.

J’adore nager, faire de la plongée et nager avec les dauphins. L’art et la musique sont importants dans ma vie et, au cours des décennies, j’ai chanté dans plusieurs chorales. L’écologie et l’environnement sont ma priorité. Depuis plusieurs décennies j’ai été militante pour une plus grande justice sociale, la solidarité, ce que j’ai toujours appliqué dans la manière dont je travaille mais aussi dans mes engagements au niveau privé.

Joanne et Jean


Retired Speech-Language Pathologist, I am now a teacher of Ishaya meditation. My interests among others include reading, cooking, gardening, discovering nature, and camping.

In my view, cohousing makes so much sense as I wish to remain active, be attentive, eco-concerned and helping others. Sharing this life with like-minded people is so important to me.

Je souhaite vivement que vous partagiez ce rêve.


Maintenant à la retraite, j’ai une longue expérience du domaine des communications, ayant travaillé autant en radio et télévision, que dans les milieux communautaires et gouvernementaux. Je m’intéresse entre autres aux questions de langue, au cinéma et à la protection de l’environnement.

Wouldn’t it be pleasant to engage in meaningful conversations and rewarding activities with other members of a multigenerational community such as in a cohousing project. Let’s make it happen.

Monique & Jim

Monique Fuchs retired from working as a library technician for over 25 years in the public sector, within municipal, governmental and educational settings. Just before retirement, she trained to teach yoga and has been an instructor since 2008. She is married to Jim Fuchs and their adult children live nearby with their families. She wishes everyone could live in cohousing to benefit from life in an inter-generational community.

Jim Fuchs MBA is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience leading multi-disciplinary teams and managing major industrial projects. He is currently working part-time as a consultant, while playing part-time including hockey, pickleball, swimming. Summers will include cycling, softball, kayaking, hiking, reading in the hammock, and oh yeah – motorbike. Lives in harmony among vegetarians and likes to fix things – – “if they don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy”.

Looking forward to creating and living in a thriving neighbourhood!


I am a former social worker, now a retired senior, who has lived in Sudbury since 1990. I am actively involved in my community through clubs, boards, the arts and other organizations.

Cohousing is attractive to me because it fits with my belief that human beings are social animals who thrive best in groups that look after each other. As a single woman with no family in Sudbury, the support and connection a cooperative community provides are very important to me. I’ve had experience in living cooperatively, sharing a house with 4 to 6 other people for several years in my 20s. We lived together not for financial reasons but because we believed cooperative/collective living was a good way to live. I still believe that.

Renee and Jess

Renée and Jessica: What got us interested in cohousing is the sense of community and spontaneous interaction it creates. We want our first home to be our dream home! Jess is an engineering student who is funny, loves to laugh and has lots of energy. Renée is a lawyer who enjoys art, physical activity, and nature. We have two cats, we are both vegetarian and mindful of our environmental footprint. We love the diversity of our group so far: everyone is interesting, from varying walks of life and careers, and yet everyone is open and welcoming of each other’s differences.