Who lives in cohousing?

Based on the experience of past groups, the following generalization gives an overview of who is typically attracted to cohousing.

They tend to be people who have thought about this idea of creating community long before they heard the term cohousing. They tend to be people seeking to improve their quality of life, people who are interested in the larger community around them and people who tend to think globally and act locally.

To the best of their ability they take responsibility for themselves, for the world they experience, and for the world their children will inherit.

People who choose to be a part of a cohousing community come from a variety of backgrounds, income levels, family types and beliefs. What they do have in common is a desire to have a say in how their neighbourhood will be and a belief that having more connection with their neighbours will be good for them.

You will see evidence of a more sensitive attitude towards the natural environment, reduced home size, sharing of resources and community recycling.

Source: Canadian Cohousing Network